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Gateway Kolsch by French Broad Brewing Co.
5.30 % ABV

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French Broad Brewing Co.
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Review by everetends on 06/28/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
76 3 7 16 4 8 2010
Old Review
Picked this one up at Hop City in Atlanta for just a little over 4 dollars I think. Served up in the slimmest glass I had.

A: Well, you certainly should be careful when you pour this thing. Got a huge gas escape when I popped the cap and the first pour was nearly all foam. When it settled as well possible, I was left with a glass with about 4 fingers of head and then another two fingers of foam sitting well above the mouth of the glass. That is quite impressive for sure. The foam starts to seperate and becomes bigger and bigger foam bubbles that make a spider web of thinning foam. This foam really sticks all over the glass. Now to the actual beer. Got very pilsner yellow in appearance. Very pale and very macro as far as color but that is somewhat expected. This beer does have one of the most active carbonations I have ever seen in an appearance. The carbonation bubbles are just so plentiful and fast moving.

S: Pretty basic in this department but still has a good size to the aroma. First off you get the big time floral hops aroma coming out that have a bit of bitterness kicking around in here. Then you can get the very pale and lightly bready malt smells coming out. Very light spice coming in here, maybe a bit of pepper. Other than that, nothing really to report here. Although it is basic, the aroma is pretty in your face. Makes it a pleasure to get the nose next to the glass for each sip.

T: A bit better than the aroma but still light and enjoyable. Getting the floral hops first again in this arena. They are lightly perfumey and has a nice bite to it. Just a touch of citrus coming behind the floral. Light malts that just act to balance things out a bit. Mostly pale here, nice and earthy. After that there is a nice fruity quality. Pretty much tastes like white grape and apple skins with maybe just a touch of juice still on them. Everything is light and balanced which I believe is what I am looking for in a beers flavor.

M: Very light in body, almost watery at times. The carbonation is high, very high. Very crisp and oh so refreshing. Has a bit of bitterness but is mostly dry in here. ABV is light and feels a lot lighter than the displayed 5.3%, I actually can't believe its that high. Aftertaste are those nice fruits and a touch of hops.

D: You know, I can see why they named this Gateway. This would be an easy beer to get a BMC drinker hooked on. It has that BMC look as far as color, but has just enough more in the flavor department to show you beer can have bigger flavors but not crazy enough to scare newbs away. Big carbonation makes this easy drinking and that foamy and carbonated look is really cool. Good warm weather beer that quenches, what else do you people want?

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 07-28-2009 05:43:21

Served In: Pilsner Glass

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