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Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery
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Review by joe1510 on 11/16/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 3 11 18 4 9 2009
22oz Bomber
Flossmoor Station

Red Wax

The Curse is Flossmoor's newest IPA in (dis)honor of the Cubs inability to win. This IPA has the glowing copper body of a freshly minted penny. There's excellent clarity with only a little haziness and the off white head grew to three fingers easily. The head took a few minutes to settle but got comfortable with a thick cap of creaminess that leaves sheet lacing on its way dawn and after each drink. This is another delicious looking IPA from Flossmoor.

Whew, this beer is a grapefruit bomb. Flossmoor used "c" hops galore in this brew. Their website mentions Columbus, Cascade, Cluster, and Simcoe; all of which fly from the glass directly into my nose. The aroma consists of mostly grapefruit pith with a little sugared grapefruit for good measure. Some of that aspirin like quality slides its way in there while the malt profile of this beer is almost all pale with a light drizzling of caramel. The malt is barely detectable in the nose, just the way I like it.

The flavor of this beer follows suit. The caramel is more pronounced as is a slight sweetness from the pale malts but hops rule the day. The malts wash over the tongue first but are violently shoved aside while the bitter grapefruit pith stomps all over my tongue and down my throat. This beer changes immensely as it warms. When the beers colder the bitterness is a buzzsaw along the tongue as it warms more malts come forward while the bitterness concentrates itself on the back of the tongue. This IPA is very nicely done.

This IPA starts out juicy but before I know it my mouth is bone dry with a lingering bitterness throughout that ends up doing a number on my tongue as I get close the end of the bottle. The dryness and bitterness alone raises the score for me. There is a moderate body here with soft carbonation that allows the beer to work through slowly.

This bomber disappears too quickly and I'm left wanting more. I should have picked up a growler while I was at the brewpub.

This is another excellent IPA in the series from the guys at Flossmoor. They have yet to make one that isn't excellent. These IPAs can go toe to toe with the best.

Reviewed: 10/27/08

Price: $9.00 Served In: Pint Glass

Review by Lum on 11/04/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 10 18 4 8 0
Thanks to joe1510 for this beauty!

Red Wax

A moderate pour reveals an earthy copper colored brew - some hazey-ness adds to the slightly oily appearance. A thinnish cap of khaki colored head forms - only to dissipate rather quickly. Some carbonation on the rise lends itself to impressive lacing.

Aroma is fantastic. C-hop? Columbus, Simcoe, Cluster, and Cascade hops... oh yeah. Grapefruit, some floral aroma, citrus and and a very sweet caramel backbone element. Almost sugary in a way. Very well balanced. Excellent.

Wow. I believe it was Joe who described a certain grapefruit "pith" taste from The Curse - he nailed it. This is a grapefruit bomb. This thing will rip your tongue OUT of your head, slam it on the floor a couple of times, and leave it for dead. Then the sweet malty "backbone" comes along, picks it up, coddles it, and gently places it back in your head. I kid you not.
Some bisquit taste towards the finish.

Medium in body, brash, tongue scrubbing mouthfeel. Quite dry. Excellent carbonation.

I really like this. Sometimes, I just want to be assaulted by grapefruit - and this fits the bill. Very enjoyable, even for the monster it is. Some boozyness invades towards the middle of the bottle, but wtf, I can dig it.
Joe, thanks man.
I LOVE Flossmoors Brewers Whim Series - world class stuff!
Must Try!

Served In: Pint Glass

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