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El Toro Brewing Co.
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Review by Dr. Rockzo on 12/08/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 11 18 5 9 2009
This is my final bottle of this glorious hoppy elixir so I figure it was due for a review. Huge thanks to Todd for these bottles in a recent trade. 12oz. bottle marked brew 1377 (7.75% ABV) into a S.N. HopTulip glass.

A: Pours a lush and viscous/oily looking light-amber/tangerine-nectar color with an amazing shimmer glow. Totally hop-hazed and glorious. A massive 2.5+ finger dirty-white frothy head has awesome retention and leaves thick, dripping curtain-lilke sheets of lacing in its wake. Perfect looking WC DIPA right here.

S: We got a hop-bomb on our hands here! Pungent and intensely aromatic even 6+ inches from the rim of the glass, Deuce is chalk-full of sweet orange-oils, bitter grapefruit pith, floral dank herbals, and even some pine (almost a little bit of everything juicy American hops can offer). Sweet pale and sugary malts coat the hops with a hint of balance, but they are mostly left unchecked to blast the nostrils. Some tropical fruit notes come out with warmth too, seriously impressive stuff all around in this category…some of the best smelling stuff I’ve had in a while.

T: The taste follows closely in line with the intense aromatics, leading with insane levels of juicy citrus (along with dry grapefruit pith), floral/herbal dankness, and even flashes of tropical fruit (guava, mango?)…not much pine in the flavor. Malts are basically nonexistent and only add the most fleeting kiss of sweetness around midpalate (presumably for the alcohol content, as there isn’t much of any inherent character to them). Finish is assaultingly dry and bitter with waves of grassy/citrus-oily flavor accompanying. Amazing!

M: Now this is what a damn DIPA from cali should feel like! A thinner but solidly medium body and a soft level of moderate carbonation allow the aggressive bitter-dryness to coat the tongue and interior of my mouth entirely. The finish is long and strong with lots of bite, but it never becomes dirty or abrasive. No trace of alcohol warmth at all…perfection in every regard for the mouthfeel (for my tastes)

D: This is a DIPA that came out of left field to impress the hell out of me. It’s lower in ABV for the style, insanely aromatic/flavorful, and a bitter bruiser of a hop-bomb in general…EXACTLY what I want in a west coast DIPA. The only thing that saddens me is knowing how much I will be craving this from now on and how inaccessible it seems to be (never even gets talked up by the cali beer mafia).

This is a beer I’d put on the short list of hoppy brews one must try before they die…in an oversaturated, often overplayed genre of “extreme” beer this one is a shining beacon of super deliciousness. Can you tell I really love this shit? Go try some already!

Served In: Pint Glass

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