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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
81 92 70 2 8 5

Review by joe1510 on 05/12/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
70 2 7 16 3 7 2010
West Lakeview

Strange Ghost looked a little dark in when in the green bottle but the color when in the tulip is totally unexpected. The body is blood red bordering on burgundy and when backlit turns to glimmering raspberry. The head rose easily but maxed out at one finger in height and has the look of dirty beige. After a couple minutes of sitting the head recedes to a thick collar and thin cap, the overall look is very interesting to say the least.

Well....Dany has brewed yet another eclectic and unusual brew if the nose is any indication. There's a semi sweet sugary aroma in back that reminds me of Strawberry Crush, both artificial and sweet. The strange thing is that gives way to red wine vinegar without any trouble at all and before I know it I'm greeted by handfuls of spices and herbs. Rosemary and thyme are most noticeable along with a solid dose of spearmint, talk about unique. A musty undercurrent adds some earthiness. There's a whole fistful of other miscellaneous herbs and spices I can't even begin to try and place. I have a feeling any and all herbs within reach were thrown into the brew kettle.

The flavor has all the craziness that was the nose but seems to be a little better integrated and put together. The strawberry soda quickly segues into red wine vinegar without the acetic sourness. Herbs come in droves; rosemary, oregano, thyme, and spearmint all in that order of intensity with a mouthful of others flashing through here and there. There's a refreshing quality on the finish that could be either ginger or orange peel but most likely both. I like this brew but it's so difficult to put my finger on any specific herb in this bottle.

The body is on the heavier side of light with a slight stickiness on the swallow that bumps the weight up a notch. The carbonation is there but slightly lacking which causes the body to feel a touch watery compared to what it should be. The finish actually brings across some sweetness.

The drinkability is off the charts. I'm having a hard time keeping any of this beer in the glass. With all the complexities I expected this to be more of a sipper but the fruity quality and light body keep this libation flowing without a second thought.

This may be the most appropriately named beer I have ever had the opportunity to imbibe. Strange fits this...thing, perfectly. I'm willing to bet there's fruit in this beer along with all the herbs. How does he get the red wine vinegar quality without the sourness? This Dany fellow is a maniac! If you see this beer sitting on the shelf pick it up. It's a doozy!


Price: $14.99 Served In: Tulip

Review by tavernjef on 12/17/07  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 12 18 4 9 0
Hazy deep darkish honeyed orange hue. Small unlasting capping of dullish white foam grows up quickly from the pour then fades to a bubbly skim and collar. Drippy and non sticky lace with only a few spots staying.

Herbal crazy nose of super high pitched bittersweet floralness and raw lemon. Dandylions, wheat grass, white grape, corriander, and other uniquely herbal aromas bring a brigade of dizzying sniffing enjoyment each time its taken in. Has just a touch of barnyard stuff buzzing about, but the spicey herbal character remains quite true, strong, and beautiful. Awesome nose!

Taste is nearly as dizzying but somehow comes across nice and mellowing with a solid herbal tone over a smallish toasted pale malt and bready doughy sweetness. Kinda honeyish really, especially as it goes, with a solid mix of raw orange and lemon ascents, all the while keeping a firm little creamy sense and a wonderfully natural spicey kick that delivers a uniquely floral, fauna, earthy, grassy effect. A surprise awaits nearly every sip that wraps up all sorts of herbs and spices that'll keep ya guessing.

Feel is about medium, actually kinda dulled in comparison to the overall spicyness it carries. Which is, again, a unique complexity to the overall, taken in conception of how the beer is moving. It has a certain yeasty grab and underscored malty tang, but the complex spices and herbs really turn it into a whole nother complexion of texture and tone.

Wow, this has an immense complexity about it that fits the Fantome family very well. I really liked how it wasn't over the top all that much as its funkyness is quite tame. The sourness well controlled and the bitterness well-rounded in earthyness of herbs and grasses. There's nothing strange about a beer this good other than trying to figure out what exactly those spices and herbs are.

Served In: Pint Glass

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