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77 88 70 4 9 1

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Ichabod Ale 2008 by Alpine Beer Company
Dunkel Weizen
5.00 % ABV

Review by joe1510 on 02/21/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
74 2 8 15 4 8 2010
22oz Bomber

I have the opportunity to sample this dunkleweizen courtesy of the man, the myth, the legend...errantnight, thanks Derek! Ichabod 2008 fills this here weizen glass with a dark chocolate liquid that borders on black. The body doesn't allow a whole lot of light to shine through but there are a few small highlights of deep mahogany. Two fingers of creamy khaki head established itself on the pour and although it fell to a thick cap, had good staying power throughout the drink.

There's an interesting nose on this brew that I really enjoy. Lightly roasty grains bring coffee and dark chocolate while a graham cracker crust lays down the base. Pumpkin and nutmeg make up for the fillers in this brew and create a good mix of pumpkin pie, dark chocolate, and coffee. Actually the nose is like Thanksgiving dessert all in a glass. I'm very intrigued by the smell of this beer and can't keep from drinking any longer.

The flavor follows the aroma stride for stride. Pumpkin and pie spices, nutmeg being most apparent, with a graham cracker crust. Lightly roasty grains quickly combine with dark chocolate and cocoa with freshly brewed coffee bringing up the rear. The concept of a pumpkin pie infused dunkelweizen works really well in this case with all the roasty flavors adding the finishing touch.

The body is medium with a velvety smooth body and slick feel. When first poured the carbonation pushes things through a little fast but that quickly settles and the velvetiness takes over to create sheer bliss on the tongue.

This bomber goes down incredibly easy and I could see myself drinking a couple more glasses afterwards. The pumpkin pie spices may get in the way after a session of this dunkelweizen but it's hard to tell at this point. All I know is this bottle is going down easy.

Ichabod '08 is a high quality beer that I would love to have again. The light roastiness plays really well with the pumpkin and spices. I've read the reviews on this beer in the past and noticed they weren't all that great. I can't see why, I really enjoy this brew. Thanks again Derek!

Reviewed: 1/30/09

Served In: Pilsner Glass

Review by Oxymoron on 11/29/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 3 9 19 5 8 2008
Why do all the headless guys always use pumpkins? Why not squash, or watermelon? Anywho, pours a darker brown color that is board line black. A good pour left a soft white head. Ok retention and lacing but limited.

The first thing I get from the nose is chocolate. Some underlining wheat notes from the malt and a bit of bready aromas as well. Some minor lactic aroma giving it more of a milk chocolate type of thing going on. Some spices but rather limited, mostly a light nutmeg and cinnamon smell. Some esters as well, banana and some yeast and raisin notes, but light. No real clove or pumpkin aromas.

The taste is similar. The malt is a bit more balanced, but the chocolate notes really come out. The wheat is a little hidden overall but some spicy notes. This is hidden more as the nutmeg comes out. The cinnamon backs off though. There is a light nuttiness as well, almost like a DMS issue but not overly detectable. Some minor yeast notes but finishes very clean with a silky texture.

Very nice texture which is surprising with all of the spice and wheat going on. Really impressed the lack of astringency on this. Overall I think this is a tasty beer, but doesn't hit style too well. Oh well I enjoyed it.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by SAP on 11/11/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
70 3 9 13 3 7 2008
2008 Release; Sampled November 2008
A fairly gentle pour into my 25cl tulip glass produces a three-finger thick, somewhat large bubbled, darkly browned head. The beer is almost black in color and doesn't pass any color when held up to the light, but does pick up a touch of amber color. The aroma smells of grassy grain, some clove, roasted grain, lots of toasted grain notes, and some light spice notes that add a perceived sweetness (cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg). I like that the spices are nice and soft here, this smells more like pumpkin pie (or something like that) than of any individual spice components.

Fairly dry tasting and it finishes with a significant toasted grain component as well as a touch of burnt grain that tends to get magnified as it lingers on in the palate. This is quite light bodied (at least for a holiday brew). There is a slight squash like note here that faintly contributes towards the middle here and the spices contribute a subdued, note towards the finish where the nutmeg seems to intermingle with the roast grain. This has a very subdued, to non-existent Weizen character; makes me wonder if a traditional Weizen yeast was used, if it was the roast grain pretty much over-powers most of the other flavors, including any Weizen notes. The roast character is nice though, not too overpowering and it has a nice mix of flavors with toasted, whole grain bread notes, a touch of roast coffee notes and a bit of burnt acidity in the finish. The dark grain character is definitely on the smooth side.

A tasty beer, but a bit of a disappointment; I would have loved to have seen either more of the traditional Weizen flavors here, or perhaps a richer beer with more pumpkin character (heck both might even have worked quite nicely). As it is this seems like a nice, quaffable, wheat-porter with a hint of spices.

Purchased: South Bay Drugs, Imperial Beach CA

Served In: Tulip

Review by seaoflament on 11/02/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
74 3 10 14 3 7 2008
Picked up a bomber of this from SouthBay Drugs and Liquor a few minutes ago for $4.99!!!

A description of this year’s version from the label:

*Ichabod Ale 2008

Our annual holiday ale from Alpine Beer Company. A Bavavian Dunkelweizen was brewed as the base beer because of the flavor complement it has with Pumpkin, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg. We’ve used premium German malts and hops in keeping with style authenticity. Share this hauntingly delicious brew with a friend because two heads are better than one.*

Pours a dark chocolate color with a good inch of fizzy tan colored head. The head doesn’t last as long as I would like for a dunkelweizen though, but a swirl does bring back some head for a little while. The second pour, a harder pour, produced a beautiful 2 finger crown, but still descends rapidly.

Great milk chocolate aroma hits me at first followed by some cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, roasted malts, banana, yeast, and some earthy aromas. This smells good! There’s a chocolate grainy aroma in there, like chocolate wheat. Spicy and a slight vegetal aroma from the pumpkin. About halfway through my pint I detect some nutty malts, caramel, and brown sugar. Hints of coffee start to develop as well as some sweet dried fruits like raisins and plums. The chocolate, wheat, and coffee become the big Three as it warms up. I’m also getting some fruity notes near the finish.

Roasted malts, wheat, chocolate, and spices. Hints of anise and herbs in the finish. Starts out a bit light on the flavor and then the roasted malts, toast, chocolate and spices rush in near the middle. Would have liked this one a little more bready. Subtle to medium strength pumpkin notes in the aftertaste. I don’t know, the finish is spicy and herbal, it reminds me of a watered down Grut beer, not in a bad way but I feel like the spices are just the slightest overdone. Slightly minty too. Not bad, just not as good as the aroma.

Effervescent, well carbonated, maybe just a tad light on the palate in the middle. Nope, just a tad too thin for my liking. Decent carbonation level though. A semi-dry finish.

Price: $4.99 Served In: Pint Glass

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