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Glass Type: Weizen Glass
Glassware Information  
A wheat beer glass is a glass that is used to serve wheat beer, known also as weizenbier or hefeweizen. It is much taller than a pint glass, and is considerably wider at the top than at the base, with a slight hourglass taper toward the bottom. This design purportedly allows greater production of foam, as well as increased exposure to air when the glass is tilted back. Varies in size from holding 0.25cl to 0.5l.

This glass is appropriate with the following beer styles
American Dark Wheat Ale The American Dark Wheat Ale is an American version of the Dunkel Weizen style. Color should be medium to dark brown. Aromas usually range from dark fruits to semi-sweet wheat and malt notes. Tast... [more]
American Pale Wheat Ale The American Pale Wheat Ale is a cousin of the German wheat beers, in particular the Hefeweizen. The color should range from pale yellow to gold. The beer may or may not be cloudy, depending on w... [more]
Berliner Weissbier The Berliner Weisse is a favorite summer wheat beer style for many fans of the microbeer hobby. It is characterized by light color, taste and feel. The color should be very pale golden, with a no... [more]
Dunkel Weizen Dunkel Weizen translates to "dark wheat" in German. This dark wheat ale is a great fall and winter style, as it has strong flavors of sweet or semi-sweet malts and mild roasted qualities. The col... [more]
Hefeweizen Technically speaking, the term Hefeweizen refers to wheat beer in its traditional, unfiltered form. Since the yeast has not been filtered from the beer, it has a cloudy appearance. The style is m... [more]
Kristal Weizen Kristal Weizen (literally translated as "crystal white") is a version of weissbier that is filtered to remove the yeast, giving it a clarity not found in other wiessbier styles. The color ranges ... [more]
Weizenbock Weizenbock is a strong German wheat beer. It is similar to a Hefeweizen, although darker and higher in malt flavor and alcohol. To be considered in this style, German law requires at least 50% wh... [more]
Witbier Witbier (literally, "white beer" in Belgium) is one Belgian version of a wheat beer. It is also sometimes called a "Witte". The color should be straw yellow to gold, with a notable cloudy haze. A... [more]
Gose Gose is a German wheat beer that was first brewed in the 1700s in the town of Goslar, Germany. It is also known as a traditional style in Leipzig, Germany. It is a top-fermented, "pre-lager" beer... [more]
Dunkel The term "dunkel" is the German word for "dark". In general, the "style" covers a range of lager beers that are notably darker than the other German lager styles. The color should range from medi... [more]
Broyhan Breyhan or Broyhan, originally from Hannover, was the most widely distributed style
in north Germany for a couple of centuries. It was brewed from Hannover to
Thüringen, for at lea... [more]