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Glass Type: Pilsner Glass
Glassware Information  
Pilsener glasses are primarily designed for serving pilseners, but they do well with many other lighter beer styles also. They tend to start with a short neck at the bottom and taper unwards to a larger bowl.

This glass is appropriate with the following beer styles
American All-Malt Lager American All-Malt Lagers refer to a broadly defined style where the brewer does not use cereal adjuncts (that means rice or corn in the boil/mash for the laypersons amongst us). Due to that fact,... [more]
American Amber / Red Lager American Amber Lagers are amber, red-brown or copper in color. The aroma and flavor are dominated by caramel malt character. Hop bitterness is fairly low. ABV is in the range of 4.8% to 5.4%. IBU... [more]
American Blonde Ale American Blonde Ales (also called American Golden Ales) are pale yellow to golden in color. The style has a clean and light to medium feel, along with a notable malt sweetness. Hop notes are gene... [more]
American Macro Lager The American Macro Lager is the style that most of us knew before adopting the "microbeer world". It is the style that our parents adopted. And it is the style that is still dominant and popular ... [more]
Sour Ale Sour Ales (also called American Sour Ales or American Wild Ales) are exactly what they sound like - ales brewed and fermented to give a very notable sour taste and aroma. The color can range wide... [more]
Berliner Weissbier The Berliner Weisse is a favorite summer wheat beer style for many fans of the microbeer hobby. It is characterized by light color, taste and feel. The color should be very pale golden, with a no... [more]
California Common / Steam Beer California Common or Steam Beer is a style that has its roots in California (shocking, I know) in the mid-1800s. Historically speaking, Steam Beer was a bad-tasting brew that "may be defined as a... [more]
Chili Beer Chili Beer is a specific type of vegetable beer that uses hot peppers in the brewing process or fermentation. Expect this style to be spicy. Expect it to have minimal "beer" characteristics, as t... [more]
Cream Ale Cream Ales are mild and pale ales that use warm fermentation and cold lagering. The color should be light, ranging from a pale yellow to golden. The aroma should be very muted and hop notes are o... [more]
Czech Pilsener The Czech Pilsener (or Pilsner) style has a very pale gold to darker gold color, and is usually very clear. The aroma is dominated by the malts and has slightly spicy hop notes. The taste is domi... [more]
Dortmunder / Export Lager Dortmunder or Export Lager is a pale lager that originated in Dortmund, Germany. This is a lighter pilsener style that became popular beginning in 1873 in the industrial town of its origin. Due t... [more]
Euro Dark Lager The Euro Dark Lager is a slightly stronger and malty/sweeter version a typical lager. The flavors should be notable but still somewhat muted, as the malts overshadow the hops. The aroma should ha... [more]
Euro Pale Lager The Euro Pale Lager is highlighted by a notable hop flavor, as well as a malty sweetness. Color should be pale yellow to medium golden. IBUs should be minimal to medium in strength. ABV should be... [more]
Euro Strong Lager The Euro Strong Lager is simply a stronger version of the Euro Pale Lager and Euro Dark Lager. It has similar characteristics to those styles, with the exception of having a notably higher alcoho... [more]
Fruit / Vegetable Beer A Fruit or Vegetable Beer is a beer brewed with a fruit or vegetable in the mash or with flavoring added in the fermentation. The most recognized example of a Fruit Beer is probably the Belgian L... [more]
German Pilsener The German Pilsener is pale yellow to gold in color. The aroma is somewhat muted, but dominated by the hops. There should also be a notable malty sweetness in the smell. The taste should also be ... [more]
Happoshu Happoshu is a Japanese "sparkling spirit" or low-malt beer that usually refers to a beverage with less than 67% malt content. Amusingly enough, Japanese tax laws do not classify this beverage as ... [more]
Japanese Rice Lager Japanese Rice Lagers are pale lagers that are similar to the American Macro Lager. The main difference is the greater percantage of rice as an adjunct in the Japanese Rice Lager. Hence then name.... [more]
Kölsch Kölsch is a local specialty in Cologne, Germany. It has less hop bitterness that other German styles, and is more related in brewing style to Altbier (top-fermented at a warmer temperature and l... [more]
Light Lager The Light Lager is very pale in color and light in aroma and taste. Hop presence in aroma and taste should be very low to nonexistent. Light fruity esters are sometimes present. The feel should b... [more]
Low Alcohol Beer Low Alcohol Beer is also known as "non-alcoholic or NA beer". It is also sometimes called "Small beer", "small ale" or "near beer". Most examples of the style are lagers.

From Wikipe... [more]
Munich Dunkel Lager The Munich Dunkel Lager should range in color from light brown to dark brown. The aroma should be dominated by slight malt sweetness with a slight hop bitterness also apparent. The sweetness shou... [more]
Munich Helles Lager The Munich Helles Lager is a light colored lager originally from Munich, Germany. The color for the style should be pale, usually pale yellow to golden. The aroma should have very low hop tones a... [more]
New England Cider New England Cider is a cider made with New England apples and has a notable high acidity and higher alcoholic levels. Woodchuck Cider from Vermont is a high profile example of this beverage. The ... [more]
Schwarzbier Schwarzbier is a German style of "black beer" that uses lager yeast. The aroma and taste usually include subtle hints chocolate or coffee. The feel should be somewhat thin. ABV should be in the l... [more]
Specialty Cider / Perry Specialty Cider (or Perry) are distinguished from the Standard Cider (or Perry) by both flavor and alcohol content. One flavor difference would be the use of a combination of fruits and/or spices... [more]
Standard Cider / Perry Ciders are made from apple juice and fermented to create what is sometimes known as "Hard Cider". A wide variety of apple types can be used and will slightly affect the qualities of aroma and fla... [more]
Vienna Lager Vienna Lager is a lager style that was originated in Vienna, Austria. The color should be medium red-brown to copper. There should be an obvious malt sweetness in both aroma and taste. Hop presen... [more]
Witbier Witbier (literally, "white beer" in Belgium) is one Belgian version of a wheat beer. It is also sometimes called a "Witte". The color should be straw yellow to gold, with a notable cloudy haze. A... [more]
American Double / Imperial Pilsner The American Double (or Imperial) Pilsner is golden in color with a dry hop floral aroma and intense hop bitterness. These floral notes are supported by a big malty backbone which culminates into... [more]
Dark Lager The Dark Lager is a term used to describe lagers that feature darker colors and stronger malt profiles than pale lagers. The hops bitterness and other strong flavors should be subdued. While the ... [more]