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Glass Type: Goblet
Glassware Information  
A goblet (or chalice) is a large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glass. The distinction between goblet and chalice is typically in the glass thickness. Goblets tend to be more delicate and thin, while the chalice is heavy and thick walled. Some chalices are even etched on the bottom to attract carbon dioxide and provide a stream of bubbles for maintaining a nice head.

This glass is appropriate with the following beer styles
American Porter American Porters are distinguished from English Porters by having a more notable flavor and aroma. In particular, the hop presence should be much more notable in both aroma and flavor. The ABV ra... [more]
American Stout The American Stout is highlighted by a dark brown to black color. Head retention should be notable also. Aroma has pronounced tones of caramel, chocolate, coffee and a very notable roasted smell.... [more]
Baltic Porter The Baltic Porter is brewed with lager yeast, which gives a smooth cold-fermented beer with few of the ale characters. Color should be black to very dark red-brown. Aroma has caramel sugars, choc... [more]
Belgian Dark Ale The style of Belgian Dark Ales covers a wide range of Belgian beers. These can include a darker version of an existing beer (using darker malts). The color ranges from medium amber to brown. The ... [more]
Belgian IPA The Belgian IPA combines the hoppy character of the American IPA style with the spicy notes or fruity esters of many Belgian styles. The base style that is usually used is a Tripel. Therefore, th... [more]
Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ales are light to medium ales that have a mild aroma and low hops bitterness. The color is usually light golden to amber in color, occasionally even a darker amber. The aroma has min... [more]
Belgian Strong Dark Ale Belgian Strong Dark Ales range in color from amber to dark brown. The aroma has notes of dark candy sugar, mild dark fruits and roasted malts. Hop presence should be minimal. The taste also has a... [more]
Belgian Strong Pale Ale Belgian Strong Pale Ales range in color from pale yellow to medium golden. These beers are often brewed with light colored candy sugar. This gives the aroma a slight sweetness along with complex ... [more]
Braggot The Braggot is a beer and mead variant that was originally brewed with honey and hops. Later examples of the style used honey and malts, with hops being optional. The color should have notable cl... [more]
Dubbel The Belgian Dubbel is a medium bodied, dark beer with a malt and nut sweetness. The color is dark amber to dark red-brown. Head retention is usually notable. Aroma should have sweet malts, nuts, ... [more]
English Porter The English Porter has a history dating back to 1721, when it was first mentioned. The color of the English Porter should range from light brown to dark brown, almost black. The aroma should have... [more]
Foreign / Export Stout The Foreign or Extra Stout is similar to a Dry Stout in that they have a malty sweetness and notes of caramel. They also have a dry finish with a slight roasted bitterness. The color should be da... [more]
Irish Dry Stout The Irish Dry Stout is most famously associated with Guinness. The color is very dark to almost black. Additionally, the visual impact of the beer is enhanced by the retention of a thick and rich... [more]
Milk / Sweet Stout Sweet Stouts may also be called "Milk Stouts" or "Cream Stouts". This is a stout style that contains lactose, which is a sugar in milk. This sugar adds sweetness to the beer, along with a slightl... [more]
Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stouts are a Stout style with oats added to the brewing process. Normally, there is a maximum of 30% oats added to the grains. The color should be the same as other Stout styles, usually ... [more]
Old Ale An Old Ale (or Stock Ale) is a strong, dark and malty English style of beer. The color should range from dark amber to dark brown. The aroma should have minimal hop notes, with strong malt or car... [more]
Quadrupel A Quadrupel (or Quad) is a Belgian strong ale. It is intended to be stronger than a Tripel. Color should be dark, usually dark brown or amber. The aroma should have notes of alcohol, dark fruits,... [more]
Russian Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout is a specific stout style that tends to be defined by both a strong malt profile and a higher alcohol content than other stout styles. There should be strong notes of roast... [more]
Tripel Belgian Tripels are highlighted by complex, spicy flavors. The color is generally pale to medium golden. The aroma has fruity/banana esters, with notes of sweetness and spices. The taste has bala... [more]
American Double / Imperial Stout The American Double (or Imperial) Stout is one style that virtually every microbeer fan knows well. The style is a derivative of the Russian Imperial Stout and therefore has the same robust flavo... [more]
American Barleywine American Barleywines are a complex style that range from amber to dark copper in color. The mouthfeel is generally full and there is a notable malt sweetness, usually present as a caramel or toff... [more]
Imperial Smoked Porter The Imperial Smoked Porter is simply a stronger version of the standard Smoked Porter. The smoke flavor imparted by the grains should be more pronounced. Also, the ABV should be higher, usually i... [more]
Belgian Amber Ale The Belgian Amber Ale is similar to English and American Amber Ale styles. However, the hop presence should be notably muted compared to those two styles. There should also be a slight spicy note... [more]
American Double / Imperial Porter American Imperial Porters should have a very dark brown to black color. The mouthfeel should be full-bodied. Roasted or burnt grain characters should not overwhelm the overall malt backbone. The ... [more]
Belgian Brown Ale The Belgian Brown Ale is typically a Brown Ale with Belgian yeast used in fermentation. As is typical of most Belgian yeasts, this usually lends a slightly more pronounced spice note or sometimes... [more]
Belgian Blonde Ale The Belgian Blonde Ale is similar to a Tripel. The color should be pale yellow. The flavor should be slightly sweet and less complex than many other pale Belgian styles. The typical Belgian spici... [more]
Belgian Double IPA The Belgian Double IPA is simply a stronger version of the Belgian IPA. It has a much stronger hop profile, with the accompanying boost to alcohol, color, aroma and flavors. ABV tends to be high,... [more]