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Glass Type: Flute Glass
Glassware Information  
Traditionally used for champagne, the flute glass has a place in your beer glassware
collection. The long, narrow bowl helps to ensure that carbonation doesn't dissipate
quickly. Like any stemmed glassware, it allows you to hold your beer without
affecting the temperature.

This glass is appropriate with the following beer styles
Sour Ale Sour Ales (also called American Sour Ales or American Wild Ales) are exactly what they sound like - ales brewed and fermented to give a very notable sour taste and aroma. The color can range wide... [more]
Bière de Champagne / Bière Brut Bière de Champagne (or Bière Brut) is a hybrid beer style, generally made in Belgium and France. The "brewing" process for this style can more resemble the process used in sparkling wine (AKA C... [more]
Czech Pilsener The Czech Pilsener (or Pilsner) style has a very pale gold to darker gold color, and is usually very clear. The aroma is dominated by the malts and has slightly spicy hop notes. The taste is domi... [more]
Faro A Faro is a Lambic style that is blended with candied sugar. This gives a very light mouthfeel, and a very sweet taste. Some examples may also use spices to add to the flavor.
Flanders Oud Bruin Flanders Brown Ale, or Oud Bruin (translates to "old brown" in Flemish), originates from the Flemish region in Belgium. The Flemish name refers to the long aging this beer gets, often up to a yea... [more]
Flanders Red Ale The Flanders Red Ale is a Belgian-style sour ale similar to the Flanders Brown Ale (or Oud Bruin). The style is highlighted by a strong sour aroma and taste and minimal hop presence. Much like th... [more]
Fruit / Vegetable Beer A Fruit or Vegetable Beer is a beer brewed with a fruit or vegetable in the mash or with flavoring added in the fermentation. The most recognized example of a Fruit Beer is probably the Belgian L... [more]
Fruit Melomel The Fruit Melomel is a mead that contains fruit. A specific example of this is a mead that is fermented with grape juice called a pyment. The color can range widely, depending on the fruit used i... [more]
Gueuze Gueuze is a type of Belgian Lambic beer that is made by blending a younger lambic (1 year old) with an older lambic (2-3 years old). This is then bottled for a secondary fermentation in the bottl... [more]
Herbed / Spiced Beer Herbed or Spiced Beers are beers that use herbs or spices in addition to malts and hops. The base style of the beer will dictate how the herbs or spices work in terms of flavors and aroma. The im... [more]
Lambic - Fruit Fruit Lambic is just what it says, Lambic with fruit additions (either whole fruit or syrup). Pretty much any fruit can be used. The Lambic is usually bottled with a secondary fermentation.
... [more]
Lambic - Unblended An unblended Lambic is a very sour beer that is difficult to find outside Belgium. The color should be pale lemon yellow, with a notable cloudiness. The aroma should have an intense sour tone, wi... [more]
Metheglin Metheglin is a type of mead that contains herbs (such as cloves, cinnamon or nutmeg) or spices (such as oregano, hops, or even lavender or chamomile). The color of this style follows the standard... [more]
New England Cider New England Cider is a cider made with New England apples and has a notable high acidity and higher alcoholic levels. Woodchuck Cider from Vermont is a high profile example of this beverage. The ... [more]
Specialty Cider / Perry Specialty Cider (or Perry) are distinguished from the Standard Cider (or Perry) by both flavor and alcohol content. One flavor difference would be the use of a combination of fruits and/or spices... [more]
Standard Cider / Perry Ciders are made from apple juice and fermented to create what is sometimes known as "Hard Cider". A wide variety of apple types can be used and will slightly affect the qualities of aroma and fla... [more]
Mead Mead is a drink made from fermented honey. This gives a somewhat sweet aroma and flavor to the drink. Overall, however, the sweetness generally does not overpower the sharpness of the alcohol. So... [more]
American Wild Ale American Wild Ale beers are typically fermented using a strain of brettanomyces for
part or all of the fermentation. The use of brettanomyces or other yeasts can result
in a funky, ... [more]
Gratzer Also known as "Grodziskie", the Gratzer is a Polish beer made with smoked malts. It has a clear and light golden color and high carbonation, to the point of nearly champagne level carbonation. It... [more]