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Glass Type: Bottle
Glassware Information  
You know what a bottle is. Give your beer the respect of pouring it from the bottle to an appropriate glass. If you MUST drink out of the bottle, then at least make it an American Lager, or any of the other thin-bodied, extremely pale macro Lagers.

This glass is appropriate with the following beer styles
American All-Malt Lager American All-Malt Lagers refer to a broadly defined style where the brewer does not use cereal adjuncts (that means rice or corn in the boil/mash for the laypersons amongst us). Due to that fact,... [more]
American Macro Lager The American Macro Lager is the style that most of us knew before adopting the "microbeer world". It is the style that our parents adopted. And it is the style that is still dominant and popular ... [more]
American Malt Liquor American Malt Liquor is a style that can vary in strength comparable from a lager to a bock. Aroma has a muted tone with some sweetness. Hops are virtually nonexistent, with almost nothing in the... [more]
Light Lager The Light Lager is very pale in color and light in aroma and taste. Hop presence in aroma and taste should be very low to nonexistent. Light fruity esters are sometimes present. The feel should b... [more]
Low Alcohol Beer Low Alcohol Beer is also known as "non-alcoholic or NA beer". It is also sometimes called "Small beer", "small ale" or "near beer". Most examples of the style are lagers.

From Wikipe... [more]