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About us

As you know we're here because of our love for craft beer, here's a little info about us.

Jeff Krenner
Forum Name: Tip Top
About Me: I've been drinking craft beer for most of the time that I have been drinking beer. I've run the typical growth pattern of a craft beer drinker, developing a taste for more and more styles and flavors, but I'm still a hop-head at heart. I love sours as well and wish there were more options in sour beer.

I started homebrewing in late 2011 and gotten more and more into it since. I try to brew once a month.

I do the news blogs here, so if you have anything you think I should know about or get the word out for, please contact me.
Favorite Beer Style: Currently, IPA, changes by the season some, but I tend to have a good IPA around to session. I rarely seem to be in the mood for big, 10%+ beers anymore.
Favorite Beer: I find it nearly impossible to pick just one, but the one beer that I crave more than any other is Surly's Bourbon One. Of course, I haven't had it for years. My favorite hard to find beer is probably Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze. My favorite beer that I can find at a local fresh would be Surly Furious.
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Mike Sweany
Forum Name: Organized Chaos
About Me: Computer / Beer Geek. I have been homebrewing for a couple of years and had always been into trying new beers. Once I got hooked up with thebeerspot, it married two of my favorite things, building a site I believe in and drinking awesome beer.
Favorite Beer Style: Gotta be an IPA, my tastes change with the season, but I can always go back to a solid IPA.
Favorite Beer: I have to go with my hometown favorite, Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout here
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